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2015年 10月 29日 My Dream Speech ~Ehime Ogawa~

Hello, everyone!


Today I’d like to talk about my dream in English.


My dream is…




to narrow the gap of educational chances in Japan.


The gap exists everywhere.

 For instance, the gap between the rich and the poor, the countryside and the urban area or whether to be hit by natural disaster or not.

 And I think human beings especially children are greatly influenced by environment.

 It is very important for children that they get an ability to grasp every opportunities.


So I want to be a person who can believe in

children’s potential and give broad outlook to



Lastly I’ll close this speech with my favorite words.



The saying is true of studying for university entrance examination.

So Never give up until the last momemt and do your best to pass the exam and to realize your dream.

Thank you for reading.


担任助手一年 小川愛媛