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2014年 8月 28日 My Dream Speech!!







今日は僕が以前に生徒説明会・父母会でやらせていただいたMy Dream Speechというものを英語スクリプトと共に紹介したいと思います!





in English!!!!


そんな僕のMy Dream Speechがコチラ↓↓↓↓



 Hello! Good morning! Good evening! I’m sorry to be short! Nice to meet you, today!
 OK, I’ll explain the flow of this speech.

This is today’s agenda.

1.Who is Yukihide Ito?
2.My Dream and What made me have it
3.To make My Dream come true
4.Massage to everyone



First I’ll introduce myself! I’m Yukihide Ito, a freshman at Tokyo Institute of Technology University! I major in mechanical engineering. I have many hobbies, especially I like to listen to music. Recently I have started to play the classic guitar. My finger really hurts! I’ll finish introducing myself here.



  OK, let’s move on to the main topic! My dream is to take part in the research about production of the planetary probe in Japanese 惑星探査機. Specifically I’ll learn mechanical engineering and space engineering, and product machines which works in extreme environment like space.

By using the machines, I want to investigate unknown worlds, and contribute to the human development.

I have three reasons for it.
First, since I was a child, I loved places where human cannot go easily. In fact, when I was in narrow places, I was really excited! No,I’m not a stranger. It made me want to investigate the universe or the depths of the sea.


Second, I like TV programs like “Discovery Channel”, “Nanikore Chinhyakkei” and so on. Beautiful and fantastic nature described in the programs also makes me excited!

Third, I will not go there directly. Because they’re dangerous. I don’t want to die. What made me notice how to realize my dream was MARVEL’s movie “The Avengers”. The scene that the machine repairs power transmission lines in the depth of the sea is in the movie. When I saw it, I realized “Oh no! I had better send machines to the places!!”

These are three reasons for my dream.


But how will I do?

To make my dream come true, I have to enter NASA or JAXA. For it, I have to get good education. So, I entered my university! I’ll do my best there!


Although I think that Japan cannot contribute much to space development worldwide. So I also want to make waves! And Japanese products are excellent, but they are only used as “some parts” for sophisticated technological machines. I think if Japan makes “all parts”, the machines will be more, more excellent!!

I want to make machines which investigate unknown worlds, and contribute to the development of Japan and human being!

 To make my dream come true, now I study various subjects hard to be in Department of Mechano-Aerospace Engineering, in Japanese 機会宇宙学科, when I will be a sophomore. In the department, students learn how
to make machines which work safely in extreme environment. So this department is exactly for me!!



Lastly, I’ll tell everyone the words of a song which give me courage when I was a student preparing for entrance exams and now!
“If my life were twice, I would not spend such a severe life like this. But it is this one time, only one time, so I will not give up everything. Tomorrow is not in my back!”

 Everyone, to make your dreams come true, let’s do your best with me!
 Thank you for listening!

















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