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2021年 7月 23日 “Shining Summer, Struggling Fighter” 〜楠田先生〜

Hi, everyone! What’s goin’ on?? I’m fine great!!

Burning summer has come. Funky events have come. Lovely people make love.

While I’m not willing to do anything special in such a dizziness holiday, here are some exiting tools that never make me bored around me! (Recently I’ve been really tied up with the mathematic exercise book for the regular exam of my university everyday…)


By the way, let’s start up today’s my blog.

Dear readers (especially Toshin students, and especially 3rd grade).


How are your progress of the past series of the entrance exam for universities (generally called “Kakomon”)?


A few of the students have already accomplished 10 years of this series of Kyotu Test ( it’s pretty speedy.), but some students have not finished their own lectures yet, (All students must have finished all of their lectures by the end of June…, so why…??) and they therefore cannot get down to start their past series.


Anyway, the only thing I wanna tell you all is…


“Doing past series exercise is NOT a GOAL!!”


Many high school students at first say they will keep their exercise immediately before the real exam, or they don’t fully understand what they struggle to do this study for.

The real purpose of doing the past series exercise is




As for me, doing past series exercise is just a START. Solving exams what you currently intend to take enables you to clearize what your weak points are. And once you make out the priority of your own study, it means you can find the best and nearest way to pass the entrance exam of your first choice! THAT’S AMAZING!!

If you were to leave the past series out of your mind for a long time, you might miss the point of your growth! (What a pity it is!!)


Don’t think twice, take the advantage of doing “Kakomon”.

We won’t make you feel vain.

At last but not least, I will introduce you the words of the great man for the first time in two times! In this time, I’m gonna quote really invaluable words for the high school students!!


“Our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

By Oliver Goldsmith (1730~1774)


Dear high school students, from now on, you will be faced on immeasurable suffer and frustration many many times. Sometimes you may cry, sometimes you may feel your life is over. However, many people (of course we assistant teacher, too!) got over these difficulties, and they know how to get over them. If you feel depressed even once, feel free to talk to us! We will deal with your any anxiety with full of hospitality. Falling makes you stronger than ever.


The University of Tokyo, 2nd Grade in College of Arts and Sciences, Humanities, Category2

Yohei Kusuda



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